Kandao Meeting Pro

All-in-One 360° Speaker Tracking Video Conference Camera

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360 Camera    Intelligent AI Algorithm    Omni-Directional Mics    Hi-Fi Speaker


Kandao Meeting Pro stands out as an AI video conferencing camera, featuring a 360° lens, all-in-one audio setup, powerful speaker, and integrated android system. Supports both 1080P and 720P output while providing MJPEG as an encoding format, users can switch flexibly when using different video conferencing platforms. It’s a comprehensive solution, combining these features into a single, robust device, making it exceptionally potent in its capabilities.


Upgraded Kandao Meeting AI Algorithm

Apply sophisticated algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate localization and tracking. Optimize localization algorithm with 15-degree ultimate recognition for precise focus, and smart tracking.



Upgraded Omnidirectional Audio System

8 microphones to achieve the finest audio quality, which can cover a range of 5.5 meters radius. Capture sound with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.



Unique Hi-Fi Speaker

Output louder, sound clearer, and focus more for better communication.




Standalone mode or USB mode

The Standalone mode of the Kandao Meeting Pro offers a streamlined solution, eliminating the need for a computer, simply connect the Kandao Meeting Pro to an HDMI displayer and a power supply to unleash its full potential. The USB mode allows for seamless connection to a computer via USB. Whether opting for the Pro mode for a simplified setup or the traditional mode for added versatility, the Kandao Meeting Pro ensures effortless connectivity and exceptional performance in any meeting or collaboration scenario.



360 Meeting without Blind Spot

Experience detailed image processing capabilities with 360° image capture, seamless optical flow stitching, noise reduction, wide dynamic range enhancement, exposure compensation, and automatic white balance adjustment.


With the remote control, you can effortlessly power off, toggle between software, switch modes, mute, adjust volume, and initiate video recording.



Featuring a standard 1/4 screw hole, this device can be securely placed on a desk or mounted onto a holder for added stability.



The lens cover provides dual protection, safeguarding both your lens and your privacy.




It supports an external SD card for recording meetings.




Award Winning VC Solution




Kandao Meeting Pro features an elegant and compact design, making it the perfect plug-and-play solution for your meetings.



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