EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

360 All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera

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Connect EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro  to the wireless portable co-camera in different scenarios–for whiteboard, host and more!

360 All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera
  • Dual 4K lenses, upgraded image quality
  • 8+2 microphones, crystal-clear audio
  • 10W Hi-Fi speaker, hear loud and clear
  • AI-powered active speaker tracking
  • Pre-paired wireless & portable co-camera for whiteboard, for host and for more
Dual 4K Lenses

Equipped with dual 4K lenses and a Sony sensor, delivers sharp visuals for a clear view of all participants at the remote location​.

See Everyone in the Room

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro offers a full view of your meeting area, thanks to its 360-degree capture and dual 4K lenses for top-notch visuals.

AI-powered Speaker Tracking

The AI-powered speaker tracking allows up to 3 active speakers to be zoomed in for a more immersive collaboration.

Full Duplex Audio

The exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA can eliminate up to 2969 types of noises, including transient noises and continuously steady background noises.

8 omni-directional and 2 noise cancelling mics

Boosted by advanced voiceIA technology. This ensures it captures voices from all directions within an 18ft radius, making sure everyone is heard wherever they are in the room.

OfficeCore M3 ​(Optional Expansion Speakerphone)

iF Design - EMEET OfficeCore M3

  • 4 omni-directional mics
  • 360° × 5m voice pickup
  • VoiceIA® – voice enhancement, noise cancellation, full duplex
  • 5W Hi-Fi speaker
  • Auto switch between conference mode & music mode
  • Zoom-certified
Seamlessly integrate with most popular operating systems


Enhance your meetings with the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro, a 360° all-in-one AI conference room kit.



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