Zoom One

The all-in-one solution for meetings, chat, whiteboard, phone and more

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Zoom One is the ONE solution for meetings, chat, whiteboard, phone and more! Zoom One bundles everything you need to communicate and collaborate with internal and external teams. Have face-to-face interactions over video, place a call from your mobile device, brainstorm on a whiteboard, and send files over chat – all from a single solution.


We make it easy for you to purchase, get started, and use. With smart features and an intuitive user experience, you’ll save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity.


Zoom One gives you multiple plans to choose from so you can support your unique needs. It’s also extendable with options for Zoom Webinars, Rooms, Events as well as additional calling plans, integrations, hardware, and more.


Our inclusive bundles come without hidden fees or the need for a bunch of add-ons. Add users as needed and benefit from new features monthly.

Zoom One Products:
Zoom Meetings

Bring teams together over video with smart features that make it easy to share information and look and sound your best.

Zoom Chat

Group and 1:1 messaging to keep projects moving outside of calls and meetings with file sharing, integrations, and more.

Zoom Whiteboard

Brainstorm, share ideas, and plan with our virtual whiteboard that works across devices and products.

Zoom Phone

Place and accept calls from your desk phone, mobile or softphone, send SMS texts, and manage multiple calls at once with ease.

Purpose-built for you to work effortlessly across products!

Zoom AI Companion

ask AI Companion to catch you up and it will recap the meeting

Meet Zoom AI Companion, your new AI assistant! Unlock the benefits with a paid Zoom account.

Preparing for that big meeting. Writing emails. Catching up on a backlog of chat messages. Repetitive tasks like these can take up 62% of your workday, not to mention sap your productivity and hurt your ability to collaborate with your team. But now, you’re empowered to do more using Zoom AI Companion.

Ready to enhance your communication and collaboration? Embrace the power of Zoom One today and elevate your team’s productivity and efficiency.



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