Zoom Events and Webinars

Adaptable event solutions facilitating the delivery of top-notch, captivating experiences to audiences of all sizes, regardless of location

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Zoom Events brings people together through virtual experiences that foster connection and engagement.

Streamlined Event Management

Events simplifies event management for multi-session, multi-day, virtual or hybrid events, enabling you to create an engaging and successful virtual experience.

Improved Attendee Engagement

With the ability to stream sessions to the lobby, Zoom Events allows attendees to browse and select sessions they want to join, providing an enhanced experience you won’t find on other online events software.

Advanced Event Analytics

Maximise the ROI of your events and drive revenue with a virtual events platform that offers advanced event analytics and integrations.

Host more engaging events with Zoom:
Zoom Webinars

Built on Zoom’s secure and reliable video platform, Zoom Webinars makes it easy to stream to third-party platforms, embed video into a web page, and send a single link to your attendees. Set up is simple and straightfoward, so you’ll be ready to broadcast your event in a moment’s notice.

Zoom Sessions

Level-up your events and webinars by providing more engagement in your single-session events using either Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars to connect with your audience. Gather event analytics and use robust ticketing features to track attendance and engagement.

Zoom Events

Multi-session, multi-day, virtual or hybrid, Zoom Events simplifies event management with advanced features that help you create a successful virtual experience your audience won’t forget.

By leveraging the advanced features of Zoom Events, Averett can help create successful virtual or hybrid events for our clients. With session streaming, attendee networking, and event analytics, we will enhance attendee engagement, streamline event management, and maximise revenue for each event.

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