CATO: A Quick Overview

Legacy Networks and Telcos are Incompatible with the Digital Business

Your business is going digital. It depends on optimized access to applications and data, on premises and in the cloud, and an increasingly mobile workforce. Legacy networks built with expensive and rigid MPLS, can no longer support the digital business. Many point solutions are needed to cover your network, security, cloud, mobility, and global needs. It is difficult to do it yourself. And, if you turn to a telco or a legacy service provider, you pay a lot to manage that same complexity, while losing the visibility, control, and agility that is needed for the business. There has got to be a better way.

The Only Managed SD-WAN Service Natively Built for the Cloud

Global, Network, Security, Cloud , Mobility. Converged.

Cato provides a global and secure managed SD-WAN service. Cato enables you to move away from legacy MPLS, a bundle of point solutions, and expensive managed services, to a simple, agile, and affordable network. Self-service or a managed service is up to you.

Cato replaces your legacy telco “bundle”, with a cloud-native network architecture.

Cato converges a global private backbone, edge SD-WAN, security as a service, and secure and optimized cloud and mobile access into a single cloud service. Thus, Cato Cloud addresses your global networking, security, cloud and mobility needs to enable the full WAN transformation journey.

Cato Solutions for Enterprise WAN Challenges: Where do you want to start?

Cato provides a full WAN transformation platform that can be gradually deployed to address multiple enterprise WAN use cases. Customers can start with any one use case and seamlessly extend the deployment to address multiple needs.

MPLS migration to SD-WAN

Cato enables customers to replace or augment MPLS using Cato edge SD-WAN and multiple ISP links. Customers boost capacity and improve resiliency, for the same or lower cost than MPLS. Global enterprises use Cato’s global private backbone to reduce costs, meet service levels, improve performance, and deliver security everywhere.

Optimized Global Connectivity

Cato’s global private backbone has built-in WAN and cloud optimization to enhance the network experience everywhere. Customers that suffer from high latency and packet loss for global locations and users, deploy Cato to achieve a predictable and accelerated access to on-premises and cloud application.

Secure Branch Internet Access

Cato includes a full network security stack built into Cato Cloud. By connecting all locations and users to Cato, all traffic, encrypted and unencrypted, is fully protected against threats and attacks without the need to backhaul traffic to a hub, or deploy and manage security appliances or cloud services.

Cloud Acceleration and Control

Cato accelerates cloud access by routing traffic from all edges to the Cato PoP closest to the cloud destination. Because Cato PoPs are co-located within major cloud providers, the latency between Cato and these providers is near zero. There is no need to install virtual appliances or setup hubs to reduce latency to the cloud.

Mobile Security and Optimization

Cato extends its security and optimization down to a mobile device. Using a Cato Client or clientless browser access, users connect to the closest Cato PoP, and their traffic is optimally routed to on-premises or cloud applications. Cato’s network security stack, protects mobile users against threats everywhere and enforces corporate security policies.

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