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Averett is proud to offer industry recognised solutions for the Digital Workspace. If your company is digital first, and focuses on optimising the workplace then Averett has the best in class solutions you need.


Software and Hardware


Averett utilizes digital workplace software like Zoom and Kofax to enhance video conferencing, productivity, and document digitization, fostering improved communication and collaboration. Paired with network security solutions such as Pexip secured meetings and CATO Networks, these tools ensure the protection of sensitive data while driving success through increased productivity and safeguarding digital assets.


Averett employs cutting-edge video conferencing hardware, including top-quality 360 cameras and other conference room cameras, wireless conferencing devices, displays, projectors, AV accessories and more, facilitating effortless communication. Designed with user-friendly interfaces and plug-and-play functionality for instant affordable hybrid collaboration.


Discover Solutions

360 Conferencecams

Range of portable, affordable, plug-and-play 360 conferencecams to streamline communication tailored to different meeting requirements.

Wireless Conferencing

Unparalleled flexibility and simplicity, enabling seamless collaboration without the constraints of cables or wires.

Meeting Room Solutions

User-friendly and top-notch conferencing solutions for all room sizes, ensuring effortless one touch join meeting and seamless content sharing.

Video Conferencing Software​

Collaborate with award winning secure Cloud VC Platforms for hybrid meetings, events & webinars and more.

Conference Room Cameras
High-end technologies for home office, workspace, conference rooms, and more.
Digitized Document Workflow

Enterprise Grade PDF Tools that streamline your document workflows and e-signature.

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We partner with leading brands of digital solutions to ensure our customers have access to reliable innovative technology.

Tailored Solutions

We invest time and effort in understanding the customer's current setup and challenges to deliver tailored solutions.

10+ Years in Industry

We support a wide spectrum of customers, including govt agencies, multinational corporations, SMEs, schools, and more.


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Use Case Highlights

Wireless Conferencing: Packed in One Powerful Video Bar 

Experience seamless wireless conferencing with Barco ClickShare Video Bars. Choose between ClickShare Bar Core and ClickShare Bar Pro for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. Enjoy crystal-clear communication, guest-friendly content sharing, and streamlined installation.

This New Video Conferencing Kit Got Everything You Need: 360 AI Conferencing Device And Wireless Co-Camera

This all-in-one solution not only includes an AI-powered 360° conferencing device but also comes with a pre-paired wireless co-camera to focus on a presenter or a whiteboard content.

4K Video Conferencing

Many organisations are now engaging internal and external teams via video conferencing and your organisation should not settle for anything less than 4K video conferencing.

Do You Want to Get Promoted? Be Visible.

Do you show your face when you are on remote meetings? If your answer is NO, you might want to reconsider if you want to advance your career.

Is it Time to Replace Traditional Whiteboards? The Answer is NO.

Successful organisations believe in the power of visual communication.

8 Things You Need To Know About Kofax Power PDF

Kofax lets customers standardize on one fully PDF-compliant solution, with versions for Windows and Mac, and a Windows-based PDF Reader.

How to Convert a PDF to Word Without Acrobat

What should you do when you need to work with a PDF file, but your edits will involve modifying the text extensively or changing the order of the content on a page?

Auto-Framing ConferenceCam: Just Like Having A Virtual Director

Hybrid work arrangements have become the new normal and as a result, traditional ways of presenting at work have become scarce.

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We are the best choice to get your organisation connected, optimized and secure in expedited time.


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