Zoom Contact Center

A comprehensive solution for all your customer engagement needs, providing seamless communication across multiple platforms

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Zoom Contact Center connects businesses with a cloud-based, omnichannel contact center as a service solution that is optimised for video and designed to support a robust suite of digital channels. Unlike traditional contact center solutions, Zoom Contact Center is the first of its kind to intentionally support a wide range of channels, including voice and video, SMS, and webchat. This innovative contact center management system streamlines communication, increases productivity, and fosters collaboration to augment the customer experience.

Why Zoom Contact Center?
  • Simple agent and supervisor experiences
  • Built for flexibility and aligning to any organization
  • Integrate Zoom Contact Center into existing experiences
Simple agent and supervisor experiences

For all Zoom Contact Center agents and supervisors, the call handling experience is part of the same Zoom client. Bringing contact center functionality into Zoom helps simplify the agent experience, empowering agents to be more productive, while connecting and collaborating with colleagues. Supervisors see all live engagements and engagements in queue, providing up-to-date information across channels.

Built for flexibility and aligning to any organization

Get started easily using drag and drop in the visual IVR designer. Organizes your agent skills with proficiencies, design your queues, and manage your analytics to measure outcomes and drive improvement. Real-time and historical analytics include average service level, handling time, waiting time, and wrap up time by channel. You will also see completed calls vs. abandoned, as well as missed.

Integrate Zoom Contact Center into existing experiences

End customers can start the conversation from the digital channel of their choice, like a website, application, or even a phone call, and add video if needed. This helps organizations of all types have meaningful conversations with their customers in the right context and at the right time. Zoom Contact Center can also be provisioned with traditional voice phone numbers and will support IVR numbers initially in the US.

Zoom Contact Center helps customers connect over video, but also supports channels like voice, SMS, and webchat. Zoom Contact Center can operate as a standalone customer experience or integrate into an existing digital presence like a website or application. Enjoy seamless integration into existing workflows, simplified agent experiences, and robust analytics for continuous improvement. Ready to elevate your customer engagement?

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