Best 360° Conferencecams for Modern Workspaces: A Comparison

The demand for efficient hybrid collaboration has led to the rise of 360-degree conference cameras, as they redefine collaborative workspaces by eliminating blind spots in meeting rooms, ensuring a more engaged collaboration. With its ease of use and portability, these models make ad-hoc meetings a breeze. In essence, 360-degree conferencecams represent a practical solution for businesses seeking effective and inclusive communication in today’s hybrid work environment.

At Averett, we offer a range of video collaboration solutions, specializing in 360-degree conference cameras. As an authorized distributor, we partnered with reliable brands known for their excellence in 360-degree conferencecam technology.

Kandao Meeting Pro

The Meeting Pro offers an all-in-one solution, featuring a dual-lens 360° FOV that provides 1080p30 video output, an omnidirectional 8-microphone array with 5.5m radius voice pickup range and 5 watts speakers to minimize noise and echo. Easily run popular conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Teams and more.

We have maintained a successful track record of selling this particular model for over two years. Many customers return to buy additional Meeting Pro for their other meeting rooms once they try using it.

Room Size: Small to medium (18 pax)

View Modes: Discussion mode, Global mode, Speaker mode, Patrol mode

Remote Control: Yes

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard & Kandao Meeting Ultra

The Meeting Ultra Standard and Meeting Ultra are the latest 360° 4K models launched in May 2023. They share the same features, except the Meeting Ultra includes a built-in dual touchscreen display.

The Kandao Meeting Ultra series captures 4K 30FPS HDR video, eliminating over-exposed images even near windows. The upgraded AI Algorithm 4.0 accurately localizes speaker tracking, face recognition, and motion tracking. The full-duplex audio system includes eight omnidirectional microphones with a 5.5m radius for voice pickup, ambient noise cancellation, and a 10-Watt Hi-Fi speaker.

Both models offer plug-and-play functionality, compatible with most VC platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Teams, and more.

Room Size: Small to medium (18 pax)

View Modes: Speaker mode, Global mode, Gallery mode, Optional panorama on top

Remote Control: Yes

E-Meet Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit includes a 360° all-in-one AI conference camera along with a wireless co-camera. This 360-degree video conferencing solution offers a unique approach, featuring a wireless portable co-camera for use with whiteboards, hosts, and more.

The Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit is equipped with dual 4K lenses and a Sony sensor, providing 1080p video output. It features a full-duplex audio system with 10-watt speakers and 8×2 omnidirectional microphones (2 noise cancelling mics). Additionally, it comes with an optional expansion speakerphone which is the EMEET OfficeCore M3 perfect for longer or wider meeting table. The AI-powered speaker tracking enables framing of up to 3 active speakers for a more immersive collaboration, adding an additional frame when the wireless co-camera is in use.

What’s clever in this solution is that the wireless co-camera features an intelligent whiteboard correction for a clear view of the whiteboard content.

Room Size: Small to medium (18 pax)

View Modes: Up to 3 Active Speaker View + Optional Panoramic View + Wireless Co-Camera for Host/Whiteboard

Remote Control: No

Innex Cube

The Innex Cube is the smallest and most compact of all the 360-degree conference camera models. It features a 360-degree field of view (FOV) with four 4K camera lenses and the most advanced, distortion-free real-time stitching algorithm to capture every participant in the room. The adjustable FOV options include 360°, 270°, 180°, 120°, and 90° degrees, providing versatility to capture the perfect frame for any situation. This palm-sized camera incorporates AI technology that automatically frames the participants. Additionally, its dual omnidirectional built-in microphone ensures that every voice is heard clearly.

The package includes three detachable poles for flexibility, allowing for an eye-to-eye level shot. Moreover, the Innex Cube is compatible with Barco ClickShare, enabling wireless conferencing.

Room Size: Small to medium (12pax)

View Modes: Gallery view, Panoramic view, Auto-Framing view, Speaker View

Remote Control: Yes

These 360-degree conference camera models offer a range of premium features tailored to different meeting space requirements. However, they all share three common traits: portability, plug-and-play functionality and the ability to streamline communication and collaboration, leading to more efficient and productive meetings.

Averett Pte Ltd specializes in 360° conferencecams and also offers a suite of video collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes.