Kandao Meeting Omni

Four integrated Kandao speaker tracking devices for medium to large meeting spaces

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Kandao Meeting Omni is the perfect solution for remote video conferencing in a bigger digital space. Featuring up to four integrated Kandao Meeting cameras, advanced AI processing, and superior audio capabilities. The Kandao Omni feature ensures exceptional performance for any meeting size or setup. Collaborate without limits and revolutionize your remote collaboration experience.

Wider Range of Image and Audio Capture

Utilizes the Meeting AI 4.0 algorithm to enable quick and accurate face recognition across a wide range of attendees, ensuring that all participants are seen.

Intelligent Active-Speaker Tracking

Advanced voice tracking and face recognition capabilities, Kandao Meeting Omni accurately follows the active speaker with minimal latency. This ensures seamless remote communication by keeping the focus on the speaker at all times.

4×8 Microphone Array

Picks out and emphasizes the main speaker’s audio while not omitting voices from other attendees through beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression technologies. It features four groups of Hi-Fi speakers that play simultaneously, ensuring that remote voices are clear and audible for an immersive collaboration experience.

Easy deployment and cost-saving make it the top choice for a large conference room upgrade
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