Wireless Conferencing: Packed in One Powerful Video Bar 

The demand for seamless and wireless video conferencing system is higher than ever. Recognizing this need, Barco, known for providing premium wireless conferencing room solutions, has introduced ClickShare Video Bars, an all-in-one device for effortless wireless conferencing in hybrid meeting rooms. 

The ClickShare Video Bars come in two models: ClickShare Bar Core and ClickShare Bar Pro. It is said that these models are the first carbon-neutral video bar for wireless conferencing available in the market. 

What Are ClickShare Video Bars? 

ClickShare Video Bars are all-in-one video bars designed for seamless wireless conferencing in hybrid conference rooms. They offer simplified installation, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and ensure high-quality meetings with advanced video conferencing and interactive features. 

Enhanced Wireless Collaboration 

Ensure crystal-clear communication between meeting participants joining from various locations, creating an inclusive meeting environment where everyone is truly heard and seen, onsite and remotely, by displaying people and content side by side. Make hybrid meetings interactive and engaging by using the touchback, blackboarding or annotation features. 

Streamlined Experience 

Connect wirelessly in just 7 seconds – open your laptop and your meeting is up and running in no time. Experience a zero-learning curve with the self-explanatory and no training sessions or manual required. Enjoy Smart Meeting Flows that guide you through every step of the meeting, from checking room availability to automated start and advanced sharing options. 

Key Features 

Simplified installation: Deploy one easy-to-install device in your meeting rooms, combining collaboration, audio and video functionalities.  

Compatibility: The ClickShare video bar seamlessly integrates with all major video conferencing platforms.  

Flexibility and ease of use: Transform any space into a flexible meeting room featuring built-in wireless conferencing capabilities.  

Guest-friendly content sharing: Guests can effortlessly share content using the ClickShare Button, without any extra hassle. 

Which ClickShare Video Bars Suits Your Organization? 

Discover the Clickshare Video Bar model that best meets your requirements and fits perfectly in your conference rooms. 

Barco ClickShare Bar Core

Premium all-in-one video bar, effortless wireless conferencing in small to medium-sized rooms

Barco ClickShare Bar Pro

Premium all-in-one video bar for wireless conferencing in medium-sized rooms

Experience seamless wireless conferencing with ClickShare Video Bars. Whether you need a solution for small to medium meeting rooms, there’s a ClickShare Video Bar perfect for you. Contact us today to find the right model for your needs. Averett Pte Ltd is proud to be a Barco partner, providing you with the latest in conferencing technology. 

Clickshare Video Bars Comparison