Kandao Meeting Ultra

All-in-One 360° 4K Speaker Tracking Video Conference Camera with Dual Touchscreens

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Kandao Meeting Ultra takes collaboration to the next level, with its 4K resolution ensures stunning visuals, while positioning two Full HD touch screens right beneath it creates a direct face-to-face interaction. Users can fully immerse themselves in a natural and lifelike experience. Kandao Meeting Ultra truly revolutionizes remote collaboration.



4K+HDR Image Quality

Experience ultra-clear 4K resolution with HDR on Kandao Meeting Ultra. Say farewell to blurry visuals as it delivers crisp 4K 30FPS HDR video, eliminating over-exposure even in brightly lit environments. With its integrated noise reduction algorithm, enjoy vivid and clear hybrid meeting experiences like never before.



360-degree FOV

With complete 360° coverage for conferencing, there’s no need to crowd around a single webcam. Each participant can be clearly seen and heard thanks to the dual lenses capturing the entire meeting room and the eight omnidirectional microphones. Kandao Meeting Ultra ensures equal participation for all attendees.


Dual Touchscreens

Two In-Plane Switching (IPS) touchscreen displays are 15.60 inches for excellent color performance, a wider viewing angle, and outstanding screen consistency. Users in front of the display can see remote participants clearly and comfortably because both screens are adjustable within 48 degrees of the pitching angle. The displays also come with anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection features.



Intelligent 4K Speaker Tracking

Discover the power of smart video conferencing with Kandao Meeting Ultra. Our advanced technology automatically tracks and frames the active speaker, giving them the freedom to move around during presentations. With the upgraded AI Detection Algorithm 4.0, you can count on precise tracking and incredibly fast recognition. Stay fully engaged and active throughout your meetings with Kandao Meeting Ultra.



Full Duplex Audio System 

Experience superior sound quality with Kandao Meeting Ultra, the advanced conferencing solution. Equipped with an eight-omnidirectional microphone array and a powerful 10 Watt Hi-Fi speaker, it offers a wide voice pickup range of up to 5 meters. Even in noisy environments, our brand new AI noise reduction algorithm ensures clear and well-conveyed voice transmission. With Kandao Meeting Ultra, your ideas will be heard loud and clear, leaving no room for miscommunication.


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USB or Standalone mode

Connect Kandao Meeting Ultra to your computer effortlessly using a USB connection. Enjoy a hassle-free plug-and-play experience with instant setup, without any worries about compatibility. In standalone mode, it runs on a built-in Android system, providing a user-friendly interface.


Smart Conference Modes on Kandao Meeting Ultra

With three distinct modes gallery view, speaker view and global view, it offers versatile options for various meeting scenarios. The optional panorama feature provides a comprehensive view of all participants. In gallery view and Speaker view, the system automatically adjusts the display based on the number of detected attendees, ensuring optimal viewing for everyone.


Global View



Speaker View



Gallery View



Manual View Adjustment



Optional Panorama



Ignore Zone




In large meeting spaces, attendees may not always be seated near the device. Therefore, a remote controller offers an alternative option for managing meetings.



Dual FHD Touch Management features two 15.6″ ultra-responsive displays with 10-point capacitive touch technology. With a built-in Android operating system, participation and interaction are effortless for all users.



The device seamlessly connects to any 5G hotspot, enabling users to conduct conference meetings from any location. Alternatively, it can be connected via LAN for ultra-low latency hybrid collaboration. (Wi-Fi 6: 5GHz, Ethernet: 1Gbps)



The inclusion of a lens cover ensures both privacy assurance and protection for the lens.




1/4 Screw Hole: for setting up on tables or tripod stands.




Kensington Security Lock: to prevent theft.




PoE Power Supply: Communication with the network while powering the device.



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Data Security

Kandao Meeting Ultra prioritizes user privacy and security by refraining from storing or transmitting any user’s private information or behavior data. Our AI algorithm operates entirely locally and offline, without any online settings.


Streamline your meeting setup with the all-in-one design of Kandao Meeting Ultra.




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