Zoom Phone

Seamless communication starts with Zoom Phone’s advanced cloud-based VOIP phone system with unparalleled features, high-quality calls, and exceptional flexibility

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Zoom phone is a modern cloud phone system, a single platform for video, voice, chat, and collaboration.

Modern Cloud Phone System

Zoom Phone includes traditional PBX features that enable employees to talk and interact in new ways to keep businesses moving.

Centralized Management

Provision and manage users and intelligently monitor business interactions with an easy-to-use centralized administration portal.

Secure and Reliable

The globally distributed Zoom cloud platform delivers secure HD audio with enterprise-class reliability and quality of service.

Intelligent Call Routing & Management

Never miss a call. With intelligent personal and system call routing capabilities, calls are efficiently connected.

Auto Attendant / IVR

Reduce the workload of your administrative assistants by creating automated attendants with easy-to-use call routing wizards.

Modern Desktop & Mobile Apps

Powerful apps unlock the ability to communicate and interact with contacts from any device, from anywhere, anytime.

Interoperability With Standards-Based Endpoints

Preserve the traditional desk phone experience with native support for standard SIP-based VoIP devices from 3rd-party vendors like Polycom and Yealink.

Voicemails and Call History

View your call history, listen to or read transcribed voicemails, and return calls directly from the app.

Caller ID and Dialing Personas

Easily change the phone number or persona to represent the type of call you’re making.

Call Recording

Quickly and efficiently preserve and review phone conversations with the on-demand call recording feature.

Call Transfer

Easily route calls to the right person anytime, anywhere, with supervised and blind transfer capabilities.

Global Call Routing

Set up and manage business hours, after hours, and follow-the-sun call routing for efficient call distribution.

Elevate to Meeting

Seamlessly transition phone calls into full-feature Zoom Meetings for easy collaboration with this VOIP phone system.

Zoom Phone Administration

Manage and monitor your cloud phone system from anywhere with Zoom’s powerful administrator portal and quality dashboard.

Experience the future of communication with Zoom Phone – your all-in-one solution for seamless video, voice, chat, and collaboration. Streamline your business operations with centralized management, secure reliability, and intelligent call routing. Elevate your team’s productivity with modern desktop and mobile apps, interoperability with standard endpoints, and features like voicemail, call recording, and call transfer. Ready to transform your communication?

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