Kandao Meeting S

All-in-One Ultra Wide 180° Video Conference Camera

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With advanced Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting S can intelligently detect and track the active speaker. Offer flexible discussion modes for different meeting scenarios.

180-degree Coverage and Smart Tracking

Equipped with a 195° ultra-wide lens, Kandao Meeting S can cover 180° view. The active speaker can be detected and tracked with built-in Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm. Provide flexible discussion modes, view-lock and zoom function for high-quality collaboration.

Premium Audio System

Eight-microphone array and Hi-Fi speaker achieve 5m sound pickup, accurate beamforming, noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Built-in Operating System

No more external devices or complex setups, video conference software, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype, can be installed and started on Kandao Meeting S.

  • 180° Field of View
  • 1080P HD Output
  • Built-in Meeting AI 3.0
  • Eight-microphone array and Hi-Fi speaker
  • Remote Control

Enjoy stylish and portable design, perfect for small meeting rooms. Elevate your meeting experience with Kandao Meeting S today!



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