Meet The New 360-Degree Speaker Tracking Conference Cam In 4K

Building upon the success of the award-winning Meeting Pro, this new lineup takes video conferencing to a whole new level. Combining premium features with incredible 4K resolution, the new series is set to transform the way we connect and communicate.

4K Brilliance: Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard and Kandao Meeting Ultra

Introducing the new 4K models – Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard and Kandao Meeting Ultra. Both models share the same features, with the Kandao Meeting Ultra boasting an elegant dual touch screen display.

Experience Immersive Meetings in 4K

The Kandao Meeting Ultra series brings forth the power of 4K resolution, delivering crystal-clear visuals that capture every detail. Whether it’s showcasing product demonstrations, sharing presentations, classroom learning, or training sessions, the 4K quality ensures that every participant feels fully immersed in the meeting.

The Power of 360-Degree Speaker Tracking with Upgraded AI Algorithm

With two lenses for panoramic video capture and upgraded 4.0 AI algorithm, the Kandao Meeting Ultra series ensure that every participant is seen and heard with exceptional clarity. The cutting-edge speaker tracking technology follows speakers as they move, creating an immersive experience that mimics an in-person meeting.

Elevate Communication with Advanced Features

The built-in eight omnidirectional microphones capture clear audio from all directions with a pick-up radius of 5m. The Hi-Fi speakers deliver immersive sound, ensuring that every voice is heard with exceptional clarity. The integrated Android system offers USB plug-and-play or standalone mode, making it easy for day-to-day collaboration. No technical setup is required.

Discussion Modes

Both the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard and Kandao Meeting Ultra are built to adapt seamlessly to various video conferencing scenarios. Whether you’re conducting virtual meetings, webinars, online classes, or collaborative sessions, these 4K conference cams provide a reliable solution for all your communication needs.

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