Experience Seamless Hybrid Collaboration in Big Spaces with Kandao Meeting Omni

Customers have been coming to Averett to enquire if we can support an affordable yet high-performance video conference setup for large spaces i.e boardrooms, auditoriums, event halls, training rooms, and classrooms. Traditional implementations for large spaces require high investment for AV integration, multiple cameras, and premium audio and video. It is crucial to have a solution that is affordable and easy to use that can support collaboration in big spaces.

You may have seen our 360-degree and 180-degree conference cameras which are commonly used for hybrid meetings and collaborations. But what if you could combine these cameras to cover a larger meeting space seamlessly? The good news is that it is now possible with Kandao Meeting Omni – the ultimate solution for hybrid collaboration in bigger spaces.

Kandao Meeting Omni is a highly advanced video conferencing solution that integrates up to four Kandao cameras for wider image and audio capture and AI processing—a combination of Kandao Meeting Pro (360-degree FOV) and Kandao Meeting S (180-degree FOV).

The Kandao Meeting Omni’s advanced image rendering and audio recording capabilities provide the best remote video conferencing experience for different meeting setups. Its features include:

  • Accurate face recognition
  • Tracks active speakers through voice and face recognition
  • AI 4.0 algorithm: Front-face and close-face priority, human-face deduplication, and portrait selection
  • Four groups of Hi-Fi speakers play synchronously, ensuring voice clarity
  • Four eight-microphone arrays with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression
  • Emphasizes the main speaker’s audio while capturing other attendees’ voices by eliminating omissions
  • Easy deployment and cost-saving
  • “Speaker View” and “Gallery View” modes for different conferencing needs
  • Easily share screen through the HDMI video input
  • Supports major video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and more
  • Protects data and privacy

With Kandao Meeting Omni, organizations can enjoy a premium video conferencing experience, improving communication, and productivity while requiring a fraction of the cost seen in traditional implementations. Kandao Omni is the ultimate solution for hybrid collaboration in larger spaces, ensuring that every participant is included and engaged.

Excited to learn more about Kandao Meeting Omni? Let’s make it happen!


Averett is an authorized Kandao distributor