AVer MD330U/MD330U1

Detachable Medical Grade Camera

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The AVer MD330U series boasts medical-grade certification (IEC 60601) to ensure patient safety in telemedicine applications. Its powerful 30x optical zoom lens combined with 4K resolution delivers exceptional image clarity for remote consultations. AI Noise Reduction further enhances the experience by providing a clear face-to-face connection for both patients and doctors. Additionally, the MD330U introduces an industry-first feature: a detachable camera head that enables 360-degree close-up shots and snapshots for a more comprehensive examination.


AVer MD330U/MD330UI - 30X 4K Detachable with Embedded Audio - Medical Grade PTZ Camera | AVer USA


The MD330U and MD330U1 share almost the same features, except the MD330U1 offers infrared night vision.


AVer MD330U/MD330UI - 30X 4K Detachable with Embedded Audio - Medical Grade PTZ Camera | AVer USA

Detachable Camera Head

Takes telemedicine to a new level with its groundbreaking detachable camera head. This innovative design empowers both doctors and on-site medical professionals. Doctors can leverage the camera’s motorized PTZ functionality for remote control. Crucially, near-site medical assistants can simply detach the camera, providing a clear close-up view of any area of concern for the doctor. This seamless collaboration ensures efficient examinations and a more streamlined telemedicine experience.

Introducing the Aver MD-330U Series Medical Grade PTZ Camera – Fusion Medical

Powerful 30x Optical Zoom

Empowers doctors with unparalleled precision through its industry-leading 30x optical zoom lens. This exceptional zoom capability, coupled with superior autofocus, rapid zoom speed, and smooth camera movements, allows doctors to magnify even the most intricate details with ease. This translates to a more confident and accurate diagnosis during telemedicine consultations.

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4K Resolution for Accurate Diagnoses

Elevates telemedicine consultations with its stunning 4K resolution. This exceptional image quality delivers razor-sharp visuals of the patient to the doctor. When paired with the powerful 30x optical zoom, doctors can make confident and accurate diagnoses remotely, ensuring optimal patient care.

AVer MD330UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera | Tech Nuggets

AI-Powered Acoustics

Ensures seamless telemedicine interactions with its integrated speakerphone, microphone, and AVer’s advanced AI Noise Reduction technology. This all-in-one audio system eliminates background noise and ensures every word is heard clearly. The result? Stress-free communication and efficient consultations for both doctors and patients.

Pioneering a New Era of Telehealth: AVer's Revolutionary Detachable-Head Medical Grade Cameras

Medical Grade Certification

Prioritizes patient safety with its IEC 60601 medical-grade certification. This rigorous certification ensures not only the stability and safety of the camera itself but also its compatibility with other medical devices within your healthcare ecosystem. This seamless integration fosters streamlined workflows and efficient patient care.


Unlock a new era of telemedicine. Explore the AVer MD330U series with its detachable camera for unmatched access & superior visuals.




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