AVer MD120UI

Medical-Grade PTZ AI Patient Tracking & Monitoring Camera

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The AVer MD120UI is the groundbreaking PTZ camera specifically designed for patient monitoring. Powered by advanced AI technologies, monitoring patients has become a breeze, allowing healthcare providers to stay vigilant and attentive to their patients’ needs. 20X optical zoom & 4K imaging capabilities along with IR night view function provide crystal-clear visual monitoring of patients, enabling 24-hour patient monitoring with no blind spots.


AVer MD120UI - 20X 4K Camera for Patient Monitoring - Medical Grade PTZ Camera | AVer USA

AI Tracking/Monitoring (Detects Abnormal Activities)

Taking medical monitoring to the next level, the MD120UI boasts advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms automatically detect a patient’s body outline and focus on key areas like the face and eyes (using AI Facial/Eyes Tracking). This allows medical professionals to monitor patients more efficiently and take necessary actions quicker. AVer is continuously developing new AI features to further enhance patient care and support healthcare professionals.


AVerMedia AVER MD120UI Medical-grade PTZ camera 20x optical zoom lens with 4K output resolution - digitec

20X optical zoom

With its exceptional autofocus, rapid zoom capabilities, and smooth camera movements, the MD120UI’s 4K resolution and 20x optical zoom lens ensure doctors can capture even the finest details. This allows for efficient and precise assessments, further enhanced by the camera’s 256 preset points.


AVer 4K Pan, Tilt, Zoom Medical Grade Camera - 30x - MD120UI

Prioritizing Patient Privacy

The MD120UI understands the importance of patient trust in healthcare settings. Activating Privacy Mode ensures all video and audio data remains within the ward, safeguarding patient confidentiality.


AVer MD120UI - Thiết bị Camera PTZ ngành Y Tế

Enhanced Real-Time Monitoring with Built-in Microphone

The MD120UI’s integrated microphone allows for the transmission of sounds within the patient room to the nursing station. This real-time audio stream empowers medical staff to stay informed of critical changes and intervene promptly. It also expands the capabilities of virtual care settings by providing a more immersive patient experience.


A Medical Grade PTZ Camera to Revolutionize Patient Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring with Night Vision

The MD120UI redefines 24/7 patient monitoring with its built-in Infrared Night Vision. This innovative feature allows healthcare providers to discreetly observe patients throughout the night without disrupting their sleep or compromising their privacy. This ensures continuous, secure, and efficient patient care around the clock.


Peace of mind, 24/7. Ensure exceptional patient monitoring with the AVer MD120UI’s advanced AI and superior visuals.



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