Logitech’s Latest Innovations – Rally Bar Huddle & Sight

Logitech being at the forefront of innovation, we can’t contain our excitement as we give you an exclusive preview of the latest models set to transform your hybrid collaboration – the Logitech Rally Bar Huddle and Logitech Sight.

Rally Bar Huddle

Rally Bar Huddle, added to the Rally family, is an all-in-one video bar designed specifically for huddle and small rooms. Its sleek design and robust technology ensure that remote workers can be seen and heard clearly, making hybrid meetings a breeze. The Rally Bar Huddle is equipped with AI video intelligence, advanced sound pickup, noise suppression, and continuous software improvements, delivering a clear and natural meeting experience.

Crystal-Clear Visuals: Stunning 4K resolution with an 80-degree FOV

Powerful Audio: Advanced sound pickup and noise suppression

Setup in Minutes: Mounting options, simple to manage and can integrate with Tap IP through CollabOS

Platform Compatibility: Works with most video conferencing platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet

Logitech Sight

Sight is a tabletop companion camera that brings intelligent multi-participant framing to your meetings. Whether you have the Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini at the front of the room, Logitech Sight at the center of the table ensures a consistent front-facing view of in-person interactions as conversations flow between in-room and remote participants.

Better Perspective: 4K camera that detects and accurately frames participants with its 315-degree field of view

Premium Audio: Beamforming built-in microphones and captures active speakers up to 2.3 m away

Adaptive Switching: AI video intelligence selects the best view between the table camera and the front-of-room camera

VC Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with leading video conferencing platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet

As we eagerly anticipate our upcoming product launch in August, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on Logitech’s new models. If you have any questions or inquiries, we encourage you to get in touch with us to learn more about these exciting innovations!