Logitech Tap IP

Streamline video meetings with a network-connected touch controller

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Run meetings effortlessly with Logitech Tap IP, a network-connected touch controller designed for Logitech room solutions. With tidy cable management and a variety of mounting options, Tap IP is easy to install and ensures continuous operation.

Logitech Tap IP goes beyond being a mere meeting room controller; it ensures a uniform and smooth user experience throughout your video conferencing setup. This purpose-built touch controller features a spacious 10.1” display and a stylish, low-profile design. Utilize its single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection and diverse mounting options to place the touch controller anywhere in the room. With built-in cable retention and strain relief, accidental disconnections are prevented, ensuring each room remains prepared for the next video meeting.


Single Cable Simplicity


Revolutionize collaboration spaces with Logitech Tap IP and top video conferencing room solutions. Provide one-touch join, effortless content-sharing, and a unified meeting experience across all rooms.


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One-touch join: Easily start and join meetings with just one tap.

10.1” touch display: Spacious and responsive touch screen resists fingerprints for high legibility, and is sealed to protect components.

Motion sensor: Built-in motion sensor allows for always-on readiness when a user approaches, and saves power when idle.

Sleek, low profile: Comfortable 14° angle allows for easy viewing, while providing an unobtrusive presence in the room.

Single PoE cable: One cable for both power and data means flexible placement anywhere in the room, untethered to the room system and without the need for long cable runs.

Clean cable management: Built-in cable retention and strain relief system hides the PoE cable entirely within its enclosure, and secures it to prevent unwanted disconnections.

Multiple mounting options: Secure Tap IP almost anywhere in the room with available Table, Riser, and Wall Mounts for convenient placement near room participants.



Simplify setup with a single cable that can be routed through the back or beneath the device.


Mount Tap IP virtually anywhere in the room using Table and Riser Mounts, which are compatible with standard table grommets and rotate 180° for optimal visibility and convenience.


Transform your meeting experience effortlessly with Logitech Tap IP. Seamlessly integrated into Logitech room solutions, Tap IP offers easy installation, tidy cable management, and uninterrupted operation, ensuring smooth meetings every time.



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