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Empower Your Hybrid Workplace with Logitech’s Zoom-Certified Solutions

Logitech’s Zoom-certified video collaboration solutions enable seamless collaboration for individuals and teams, regardless of location. Our comprehensive ecosystem of hardware, software, and services is easy to use and deploy, ensuring that the hybrid workplace functions effectively for all.




Room Solutions In All Sizes

Logitech and Zoom collaborate to provide inclusive meeting solutions for today’s diverse workplace. Whether it’s the home office or the boardroom, every space can be configured for productive collaboration.


Zoom solution for home office

Elevate your home office experience with Logitech’s Zoom solution, designed to maximize productivity and collaboration from the comfort of your own space.


Zoom Solutions for home office


Logitech Brio >>

Logi Dock >>

Zone True Wireless >>


Zoom solution for huddle room

Transform your huddle room into a dynamic collaboration hub with Logitech’s Zoom solution, optimizing teamwork and efficiency in small group settings.


Zoom Solutions for Huddle room


Rally Bar Huddle >>

Tap IP >>


Zoom solution for brainstorm space

Unlock creativity and innovation in your brainstorming space with Logitech’s Zoom solution, fostering seamless collaboration and idea-sharing among teams.


Zoom Solutions for brainstorm space


Rally Bar Mini >>

Interactive display


Zoom solution for flex space

Adapt effortlessly to changing needs with Logitech’s Zoom solution for flexible spaces, empowering versatile collaboration and communication in dynamic work environments.


Zoom Solutions for flex space


Rally Bar >>

Tap IP >>

Scribe >>


Zoom solution for boardroom

Enhance productivity and communication in your boardroom with Logitech’s Zoom solution, delivering seamless video conferencing and collaboration tools for effective meetings and decision-making.


Zoom Solutions for boardroom space


Rally Bar >>

Tap >>

Sight >>

Scribe >>


Zoom solution for training space

Optimize training sessions with Logitech’s Zoom solution, facilitating immersive and interactive learning experiences in any training space.


Zoom Solutions for training room space


Rally Plus >>

Tap IP >>

Rally Mic Pods

Scribe >>


Zoom solution for shared desks

Foster seamless collaboration in shared desk environments with Logitech’s Zoom solution, enabling efficient communication and teamwork among desk-sharing colleagues.


Zoom Solutions for boardroom space


Brio 305 >>

Logi Dock Flex >>



Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom include everything you need to build out meeting rooms in any size —a mini PC, a PC mount, an Ultra-HD Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, and the Logitech Tap IP touch controller. Premium hardware, clean cabling, and flexible mounting, making it easy to deploy Zoom rooms.

By combining RightSight 2 Grid View with Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini provide remote participants an immersive perspective of both the speaker and the room. Enhance this experience with tabletop capture using Logitech Sight, ensuring clear front-facing views and improved audio from room participants, promoting more natural interactions.


Incorporate Tap Scheduler >> into your Zoom Room setup to streamline meeting scheduling. It displays details and allows room reservation for both spontaneous and planned meetings, serving as a scheduling panel to help employees find and reserve the right space.



Upgrade your meeting rooms with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom and experience seamless collaboration like never before. Equip your workspace with premium technology for effortless Zoom meetings and enhance productivity across your organization.








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