Logitech Brio 505

Full HD 1080p webcam with light correction, auto-framing, and Show Mode

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Provide an easy, plug-and-play hybrid meeting experience. Built by the leader in business webcams and certified for platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, Brio 505 enables foolproof video meetings.

Brio 505 is compatible with most video conferencing platforms and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom.


Give employees a simple, flawless meeting experience with a foolproof webcam that anyone can set up and use with ease.

Auto-Light Correction

Brio 505 RightLight 4 automatically adjusts to any lighting so users look natural, even in poor lighting conditions.

Advanced Image Quality

ull HD 1080p resolution and AI-based face image correction deliver crisp image quality so everyone is seen clearly.

Dual Noise-Reducing Mics

Brio 505 elevates employees’ voices by filtering out background noise.

Privacy Shutter

An integrated, easy-to-use privacy shutter completely blocks the camera when users don’t wish to be seen.

Show Mode

With Show Mode, employees can include physical items in video calls by tilting the camera down to show sketches, work in progress, or other objects on their desktops. Download Logi Tune for free to enable advanced meeting experience.


RightSight auto-framing keeps the camera centered so employees can stand and move during meetings without leaving the frame. Download Logi Tune for free to enable advanced meeting experiences like RightSight auto-framing.

Enjoy crystal-clear video, enhanced audio, and convenient features like auto-light correction and privacy shutter. With compatibility across major platforms and easy plug-and-play setup, it’s the ideal choice for seamless collaboration.\

Elevate your hybrid meetings with Brio 505.

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