Logitech Brio 305

1080p webcam with auto light correction and a noise-reducing mic

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Meet the essential webcam for better video meetings. Brio 305 is a 1080p webcam with auto light correction and a noise-reducing mic for natural video and audio, plus an integrated privacy shutter. Certified for leading meeting platforms and priced for mass deployment.

Natural video quality

1080p resolution and auto light correction create a natural meeting experience, while the fixed focus and 70° dFOV keep everyone in focus.

Noise-reducing mic

Noise reduction technology suppresses background sounds.

Integrated privacy shutter

Easy-to-use privacy shutter protects employees’ privacy, while the indicator light lets users confidently know when the camera is active.


Supports multiple resolutions, including 1080p/30fps and 720p/30fps to best support the quality offered by your application and monitor.

Diagonal field of view:  70° dFOV

Give employees a simple-to-use webcam for better video collaboration. Brio 305 is a 1080p webcam certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet for a reliable meeting experience.

Full high definition video, auto light correction and a noise reducing mic ensure that everyone is seen and heard clearly. An easy-to-use privacy shutter covers the lens when not in use.

Made with at least 48% recycled plastic to support a more equitable and climate positive world.

Upgrade your video meetings with the Brio 305 webcam.



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