Is it Time to Replace Traditional Whiteboards? The Answer is NO.

Successful organisations believe in the power of visual communication. Users are also demanding better collaboration tools to enable them to communicate effectively in remote meetings. Over the years, we see increased adoption of Interactive touch screen displays in meeting rooms as well as VC software brands i.e. Zoom now offers whiteboard features to cater to remote collaboration needs.

Where does this leave the traditional whiteboard that you commonly find in meeting rooms? Should we discard the whiteboard since it is an old traditional tool?

The answer is a resounding “NO”.

Introducing the Logitech SCRIBE, a whiteboard camera that enables you to easily share whiteboard content during remote meetings and all participants can see clearly what is communicated during the session.

The device comes with AI technology that allows participants to “see through” the presenter for an unobstructed view of the whiteboard.

You can also choose to take out the presenter entirely if you so wish.

If your meeting room is set up with MS TEAMS ROOM or ZOOM ROOM, it will just be one click on this purple button to share whiteboard content.

Whiteboards are still the de facto visual tool for collaboration as it is already in your meeting rooms and everyone knows how to use a whiteboard i.e. no learning curve for users.

Before you ditch your whiteboard, come speak with us to find out how Logitech Scribe, the whiteboard camera can make your collaboration session a productive one.

Watch our quick demo.

Averett is an Authorised Logitech Partner.