Poly Sync 60

Small to medium sized bluetooth speakerphone

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Everyone deserves to hear the entire meeting clearly. The Poly Sync 60 smart speakerphone fills conference rooms with remarkable sound using powerful twin speakers. Plus, with six microphones focusing on voices, not noise, you’ll always be heard.

Big sound, meet smart ideas

Get down to business and hear voices clearly with the Poly Sync 60 smart speakerphone. Designed for conference rooms, it features Poly signature audio, twin speakers, and a six-microphone array to ensure everyone is heard while keeping echo and noise out.

Let’s get started

Users enjoy easy connectivity with the Poly Sync 60, compatible with their preferred way of working. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® or wired via the combined USB-A/USB Type-C®️. Plus, with the built-in USB video camera input, transitioning from an audio to video call is super easy.

Six-microphone array

Experience distraction-free conference calls with the Poly Sync 60. Its six-microphone array focuses on your voice, tuning out outside noise and distractions.

Full-duplex audio

Collaboration can be tough when one voice dominates the conversation. With full-duplex audio, simultaneous conversations become a breeze with the Poly Sync 60.

Audio clarity

Enjoy clearer calls with the Poly Sync 60, thanks to its bass reflex system with dual passive radiators. Experience natural voice and deep bass for enhanced clarity.

Consistent voice level

Being on the far end of a conference call can be difficult with various speakers. The Poly Sync 60 features adaptive gain control, ensuring consistent voice levels even if the speaker is far from the unit.

Simple for IT

Just deploy and you’re done—there’s no new interface to learn. Teams can use their own devices and work in the collaboration tools they’re comfortable with. Plus, for IT, inventory tracking and updates are made easy with Poly Lens remote device management.

Communications platforms

An IT manager’s dream, this speakerphone was designed for communication. It’s optimized and certified to work seamlessly with top virtual meeting providers.


Upgrade your conference calls with big sound and smart ideas. Experience crystal-clear communication and seamless collaboration.



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