All-in-one panel for VC, wireless projection, electronic whiteboard capabilities, and more

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Built on the next-gen hardware platform architecture, HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 is equipped with Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM), HD immersive meeting quality, Wi-Fi 6 for direct projection, and ultra-low writing latency, easily adapting to mainstream cloud meeting apps. It is a perfect solution for boundless collaboration and communication to fit in any room, such as regular meeting rooms, executive offices, and open office areas.

Vivid Restoration and Consistent Image

The camera pairs with a 4K image sensor with a 2 μm² ultra-large photosite size to create low-noise, true-to-life clarity. Its circulation heat dissipation technology reassures consistent resolution even after long meetings. The Huawei-developed imaging algorithm corrects the TV distortion to less than 2%, ensuring natural images.

Clarity Is Key

Clarity is assured through a beamforming microphone array with DNN1 dereverberation and AEC algorithm for 12-meter ultra-long-distance sound pickup.

AI Capabilities

Voice tracking ensures that the speaker is always in the center. Auto–Framing provides an optimal angle for multiple participants. Acoustic baffle shields external noise to make communications crystal clear.

HD Video Meetings

Features H.264 + SIP dual protocols, HD hardware codec, and fully upgraded on-premises meetings.


Use personal devices to invoke the display, camera, microphone, and speaker of HUAWEI IdeaHub S2,connecting all of them together for a smooth and HD meeting experience.

Start Projection Without Network

Based on the innovative Wi-Fi 6 for direct projection technology, you only need to enable Wi-Fi on the IdeaHub and your PC/mobile phone without connecting to the network. The IdeaShare app automatically discovers the nearby IdeaHub to set up connections,5 and it autocompletes the projection code after the first letter.6 You can also use this function on your Huawei phone7 through NFC or projection option in the drop-down menu.

Many Ways to Project for Different Scenarios
  • App-free projection on Huawei phones
  • Wired projection for important occasions
  • IdeaShare Key for guests and visitors
  • IdeaShare app for daily office work
Intelligent Whiteboard As Easy As Pen On Paper

16 ms ultra-low latency allows intuitive writing on screen. Intelligent writing recognition automatically identifies words and figures. Whiteboard content can be taken away by scanning the QR code via a browser.

Experience seamless collaboration and immersive meetings with the HUAWEI IdeaHub S2. Upgrade your meeting experience today and bring your team together like never before.




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