ViewSonic Foldable 135” LED Display

Foldable and movable 135” All-in-One LED display

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The ViewSonic® LDS135-151 is a foldable 135” All-in-One LED display that boasts instant use, easy delivery, and convenient maintenance, making it an ideal rental-ready solution for events, exhibitions, or any other short-term usage. The pre-assembled design and built-in motorized height adjustment stand enable effortless setup within just a few minutes. Delivery convenience is greatly enhanced with the new foldable screen design, reducing the packaging size of the movable flight case by nearly 50% compared to the previous generation, thus minimizing shipping costs. With the seamless large screen and superior built-in Harman Kardon speakers, be ready to impress your audience everywhere from high-end board rooms and receptions to galleries, auditoriums, and other large venues.

Foldable 135” All-in-One LED Display
  • Pre-assembled kit ready for instant use
  • Foldable screen with the movable flight case for easy delivery
  • Built-in stand with motorized height adjustment
  • Impressive audio from Harman Kardon speakers
  • Seamless large display for rental at any event/exhibition

Pre-assembled Kit Ready for Instant Use

The 135” LED display comes pre-assembled with LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and the motorized floor stand. It can be set up and is ready to use within just a few minutes, saving time and effort as well as lowering the technical barrier for installers.

Foldable Screen Design Enhancing Mobility

The foldable screen reduces the packaging size of the flight case by nearly 50% compared to the previous generation. Moving between spaces is greatly enhanced as the LDS series can now not only be transported via traditional freight elevators but also in large passenger elevators, minimizing cost and maximizing convenience.

Simple Delivery with Movable Flight Case

The movable flight case design not only provides secure protection of the advanced LED display, but also makes for swift and effortless delivery from one venue to another.

Built-in Motorized Height Adjustment Stand

With a built-in motorized floor stand, you can easily adjust the height to a maximum range of 65 cm with a press of control buttons. To facilitate recurring use of the stand, you can conveniently save up to 3 different sets of height preference.

Easy to Move Around with 360° Silent Wheels

With the 360° silent wheels and push-button locking, freely move and position the impressive LED display anywhere you want – even after unpacking it from the flight case.



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