Logitech Tap Scheduler

Purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms

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Make it easy to find and claim the right meeting space with Tap Scheduler. This purposebuilt scheduling panel integrates with solutions from Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Robin, and Meetio to signal availability from a distance, and provide meeting details up close.

Pick Your Platform

Tap Scheduler can be easily configured as a Microsoft Teams Panel, as a Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display, and with other leading room scheduling solutions. Place Tap Scheduler outside any meeting space for a consistent experience across your deployment.

Availability at a Distance

Quickly find an open room through green or red LED lights that indicate availability at a distance.

Details Up Close

See meeting details, claim rooms, and book meetings up close on a spacious 10.1” screen.

Easily Install with Included Mounts Place

Tap Scheduler outside any room with the included mounts for glass, walls, and mullions for fast deployment.

10.1” touchscreen: Easily read details and reserve a room on the spacious and responsive touchscreen. Availability lighting: Green or red status lights indicate availability from a distance without distracting from the surroundings. 2 5 5 2

Anti-fingerprint: Oleophobic coating resists fingerprints for legibility.

Flat angle for accessibility: Tap Scheduler is mounted flat against the wall for easy reading from a variety of heights. 3 6 3

Durable build: Components are built to last, with the screen sealed to protect parts and withstand regular cleaning.

Low profile install: With no offset required, Tap Scheduler mounts flush to the wall for a sleek, unobtrusive presence.

With a spacious screen and sleek, unobtrusive profile, Tap Scheduler is designed for easy viewing and usability. Complete with glass, mullion, and wall mounts, Tap Scheduler can be conveniently installed outside any room. Its built-in cable management hides cables for a clean and professional look. Count on Tap Scheduler for reliable performance with durable components that are built to last.

Streamline your meeting room scheduling and enhance workplace productivity with Tap Scheduler by Logitech.



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