EMEET Wireless StreamCam One

True wireless live streaming or video conferencing camera

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EMEET STREAMCAM ONE simplifies and democratizes video streaming, making it accessible and cost-effective for everyone instead of being complicated and expensive. Stream live from anywhere in the world, using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, without the hassle of cables, and reach an eager audience.

Magnetic Clip-On Microphone

Stay connected to the device up to 10 meters away without interruptions

8-Hour Battery Life

The product is equipped with a long-lasting Magnetic clip-on microphone , allowing you to start streaming anytime and anywhere

Flexible Setup

use individually or with multiple devices. Set up at multiple angles and quickly configure your network, suitable for various scenarios

Powerful Audio Performance

It is equipped not only with a wireless magnetic microphone and two built-in microphones but also with a 48kHz sampling rate and voice enhancement function, providing your audience with an immersive audio experience

Prime Lens

Features 1080p resolution and equipped with 7 glass elements for optimum image quality. Supports white balance and exposure compensation, ensuring that your footage is clear and well-balanced

Advanced Sensor

Specially optimized for indoor use, the Sony® STARVIS™ sensor enables EMEET STREAMCAM ONE to capture remarkable details and minimal noise

Smart App Integration

Free EMEETSTREAM app supports one-click streaming, AI directing, customizable editing, and more. Enjoy free one-click streaming to all major live broadcasting platforms. Effortlessly stream in real-time to your preferred platform and start your live streaming with ease.

Camera Switching

Through the wireless connection of multiple devices with EMEETSTREAM, camera switching can seamlessly display multiple angles, and both manual and automatic switching modes are supported

Screen Zooming

Users can zoom in or out the screen during live streaming to adapt to different scene requirements and improve viewing experience


Works seamlessly with platforms that support the RTMP protocol such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, etc


Works as a webcam with Video Conferencing Platforms


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EMEET StreamCam One



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