How to Convert a PDF to Word Without Acrobat

What should you do when you need to work with a PDF file, but your edits will involve modifying the text extensively or changing the order of the content on a page? What if you need to bring the PDF file back into a word processor for large-scale changes?

For some business users, a regular PDF editor isn’t in their software arsenal. When searching for a PDF to Word converter as a free download, you aren’t likely to find reliable and secure options. Adobe’s Acrobat software might not be an ideal fit, either: not only its licensing is expensive but for those who use Adobe’s subscription service, some of the software’s most essential features require keeping your subscription active permanently.

You don’t need Acrobat to quickly convert documents with fidelity. With Kofax Power PDF, you can enjoy all the features that you need plus rapid conversion functionality at a fraction of the price. Learn what you need to do to complete a successful conversion.

Download Power PDF To Start the Conversion Process

Once you have installed Power PDF on your Mac or Windows PC, you have everything that you need to complete a quick conversion. There’s no need to launch a special PDF converter utility—instead, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the PDF that you’d like to convert into Power PDF.
  2. Using the “File” menu, select “Save as,” and then choose your destination folder.
  3. Select Microsoft Word from the dropdown menu of file format options, then save your new document.

Power PDF automatically completes the conversion, providing you with a high-fidelity Word copy of the PDF’s contents that is fully editable.

Have more than one document to convert? No problem: Power PDF includes batch processing utilities.

Enjoy a Better PDF Editing Experience

Along with rapid conversions, Power PDF offers business users a wide range of additional advantages. With this advanced software package built for business, you can leverage industry-standard functions such as:

  • Securing documents with access controls and password restrictions
  • Using electronic signatures to rapidly approve and validate documents
  • Arranging and merging PDF documents
  • Compressing and shrinking PDF files for lightweight storage or faster transmission

These functions, plus real-time collaboration tools and cloud integration, make Power PDF a highly effective option.

Discover the Benefits of Power PDF for Your Business

Power PDF provides access to all the features that you need with advanced capabilities that go beyond basic PDF converter functionality—and it does so at an affordable price. Compared to a subscription to Adobe products, a single license of Power PDF represents a 70% savings.

With solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses and proactive development that enables your teams to stay on the cutting edge, Power PDF can help you accomplish what you need to with PDF. Request a quote aligned with your company’s requirements now.

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