Experience the Magic Power of the PEN

In this era of local and hybrid collaborations, users commonly request “How can they do more interactive and engaging presentations in meetings”. Previously, organisations had to pay for expensive laptops that come with touch and pen capability OR their meeting rooms will be fitted out with large interactive touch displays which are not frequently used as it requires users to be familiar with the functions and features.

To address the high cost of hardware and low user adoption, organisations can now consider a cost-effective Digital Table Solution which affords ease of use to all users. Simply connect a single USB Type C cable from the Digital Table to the users’ laptops and they are ready immediately to deliver impactful presentations.

Especially relevant for presentations during local and hybrid sessions or for training and education purposes. The Digital Table solution is called Ideao Hub which is a touchscreen display producing lifelike images with a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. It enhances collaboration through digital writing and drawing, with advanced projected-capacitive touch technology and no room for latency.

Getting to Know Ideao Hub

  • Ideao Pen: Paper-like writing experience on the Ideao Hub, with high-end Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP 2.0) technology and Windows Ink compatibility.
  • Extended connectivity: Ideao Hub’s versatile I/O ports allow you to connect external devices, such as a webcam, keyboard, mouse, or USB drive, and access all peripherals when connecting your laptop to the Hub.
  • Bigger screen: The Ideao Hub’s 24-inch screen provides ample space for expressing ideas during presentations.
  • Easy to set up: The Hub requires just one USB cable for connection, and it also supports HDMI/DVI-D/VGA, so you don’t need to worry if your laptop lacks a USB-C port.
  • Local data storage: All data is stored on your own computer, ensuring data security.
  • Ergonomic stands: The Ideao Hub’s stand allows for comfortable tilting, swiveling, lifting, and flipping of the screen, providing a comfortable angle for annotations.

The Digital Table is a versatile solution ideal for education, training, hybrid meetings and other fields requiring effective communication and presentations. It provides an easy-to-set-up and ergonomic solution for a more productive collaboration experience on a bigger screen.

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